Resolve to put workers back in jobs

January 12, 2012 —┬áNew Year’s resolutions generally conjure up good intentions to lose weight, spend more time with family and friends or reorganize. But for millions of Americans, this year’s resolutions are more urgent: Find a job. Make enough money to cover groceries and rent. Afford to send kids to college. Save for retirement.

It’s the American Dream – but one that’s slipping further and further out of reach for the middle class. As the state Legislature starts a new session, our lawmakers in Harrisburg have an opportunity to help Pennsylvanians keep their New Year’s resolutions by coming together and making jobs a number-one priority.

The solutions are simple: stop rewarding companies who outsource American jobs or manipulate their workers, make corporations pay their fair share, and create new jobs. The time to act is now. Read more in the Lebanon Daily News.

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