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Growing Coalition of Faith and Community Leaders, Forms to Defeat Privatization of PLCB
House Bill 11 would more than double the number of retail liquor stores in PA, jeopardizing public health and safety in every community in the state. Now is the time to step up and join the We Can’t Afford It PA Coalition. The House Liquor Control Committee plans on voting on this risky legislation in early December. We need your help to make sure lawmakers reject legislation to more than double the number of retail liquor outlets.

Our coalition,, was created in January, 2011 by Pennsylvanians who are committed to stopping the dismantling of the PA Liquor Control System, a valuable public asset that delivers for all Pennsylvanians. Our coalition members recognize that the PLCB properly manages the sale of wine and spirits.

We Can’t Afford it PA represents first responders, public health advocates, members of our Commonwealth’s faith community concerned about the potential for un-regulated sale of wine and spirits. We represent neighborhood advocates concerned about the proliferation of convenience stores selling liquor.

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